What Our Customers Say...

“We are very happy with our garden barrel planter! We have planted one tomato plant and two green pepper plants in the top. We have planted strawberries, pesto basil, greek oregano, garlic chives, curly parsley, jalapeno peppers, and garden salsa red hot peppers. We put them at different levels to see if one level did better than another and so far we see no difference. We think our little garden barrel looks great in our landscaping, and makes for easy access to our garden! Thanks!”

Monica Venhaus

Breese, IL

“I saw 'my little garden barrel' at a silent auction last year. I did not win the bid, so I came home & researched it online. I bought one & absolutely love it! I planted cherry tomatoes, mint, cilantro, peppers & herbs. It was great snipping herbs right off my barrel & using them in drinks/sauces, etc. Highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift!”

April Baker

Villa Ridge, MO

“My wife and I purchased two Little Garden Barrels (and also the roller support stands) last Spring at a Home Show in St Charles, Missouri. I was somewhat skeptical at first about how much I would like it. However, I got some potting soil and small plants, and decided to try them out. I planted zinnias, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, chives, and portulaca (my grandma called it "rose moss").

I can't believe how much produce and beauty I received from my Little Garden Barrels in so little amount of space they take up. I actually had to purchase six foot wire supports for the cherry tomato vines. We had a lot of strawberries. The chives were great. And the beautiful rose moss and zinnias were wonderful. We have experienced growing wonderful plants in a very small footprint area. We are going to buy two more Little Garden Barrels this Spring......... It's a great product!!”

Duane Parkinson

St. Charles, MO

“As a nature teacher, I am absolutely delighted with this vertical planter. The planter is a little higher than my knees, and about as wide as my feet firmly planted. Fully loaded with one large bag of potting soil, it's as big and heavy as I am willing to muscle around. I picked the sandstone color, which is true to photo. We have broccoli going as a fall crop, and are already harvesting greens from the side pockets. Buy the dollie so you can spin it around more easily.”

Jessica Hoagland, Green Spiral Tours

St. Louis, MO

“My son and I both are big salad eaters. It's wonderful just to go pick some fresh greens from our garden barrel. I've made kale chips which both boys eat. My eye Dr. suggested that I really up my kale/Spinach for eye pigment. Having this right outside on the deck is really convenient (and not digging in the mud)”

Amy Ditty

Leeton, MO

“I can't say enough about this product. I purchased one in 2013 to use as an herb garden. I grew a banana pepper on the top and lemon thyme, greek oregano, basil, sage and various ornamental flowers on the side. If you are short on space, or just want a compact herb garden, this is the product for you. The only "problem" I had was some of my herbs grew too much and blocked plants on the lower levels. This could have been easily remedied by my keeping up pruning/trimming. The barrel can also be quite heavy when loaded with plants and soil, so purchasing the dolly is recommended but certainly not necessary. (I did not purchase the dolly and used a wheeled plant base I had at home already. If you are wondering how much potting soil it uses: purchase 3 cu ft and you will be fine (if you are like me, you will spill some in the loading process).
Customer service is great, too. I had a question about the watering tube and received a quick response; I also had several questions about what soil to use, when to change it, what types of plants can I use in it -- all answered promptly and professionally.”

Megan Goss

Pacific, MO

“I purchased the garden barrel as a gift for my father for Christmas. Although he hasn't been able to use it yet, he was very excited about it and I was impressed by the size of it. Andy is a very nice guy and I love supporting a local business with a product made in the U.S.A. I look forward to purchasing one for myself and letting others know about it. How convenient to have a mini garden right out your door!”


St. Peters, MO